Semen For Sale Private Treaty

N Bar Emulation EXT

Semen For Sale

GDAR Game Day 449
Reg. No. 14691231
Pathfinder Sire

Ultra Calving Ease Sire
Easy-Fleshing Progeny

65 Units Available – Western, South Dakota

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N Bar Emulation EXT

Semen Offering

N Bar Emulation EXT is one of the legendary Sires of the Angus Breed.

His sons and daughters are still considered some of the very best and he can be found in the pedigrees of many of today’s top individuals.

Offering 40 Units. Must be purchased in multiples of 10 Units.
Will be Sold on a first-come basis.

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OCC Eureka 865E

Exclusive Semen Offering

OCC Eureka 865E is of the legendary sires produced and still used at Ohlde Cattle Co. Semen is rare and scarce and this is a unique offering of semen for you to take advantage of.

Limited Supply of Semen Available
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Octoraro Ballot STO 6

Exclusive Semen Offering

Octoraro Ballot STO 6 is pictured at 10-years of age in his working clothes.

Limited Supply of Semen Available
$30 per unit
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Embryos For Sale Private Treaty

Cattle For Sale Private Treaty

Angus Herd Reduction Sale

Cattle Located In Wisconsin.

Managed Strictly On Grass & Hay.

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Southwest Angus Herd For Sale

Located in Southwest Virginia.

Cattle are Young, great feet and managed on grass.

Priced to sell in groups of 5 or more.

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Angus Herd Reduction Sale

Offering cattle located in Western South Dakota.

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Proven Herd Sire For Sale

Located in South Dakota.

This is a proven herd sire who has a pedigree rich in foundation Angus blood.

He blends multiple lines of maternal function, maternal efficiency and production value working in the real world. without high cost inputs.

He will make daughters you will brag to your neighbors about.

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Range Developed - Range Ready Angus Bulls For Sale

Located in Alliance Nebraska. Pinebank & OCC Genetics.

These bulls have been developed on sand hill range and exhibit extraordinary fleshing ability and fitness.

These bulls are 15-18 months old ready to breed cows and not “melt-down”.

They are sound footed, high libido bulls bred for performance, production and maternal efficiency on grass.

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Cows for Sale

These cows are built on proven foundation Angus blood, with a strong influence of Diamond D and Wye Angus lines.

These cows are ideal to utilize in a grass finishing program or to take efficient profits with.

These cows are bred to a bull who combines like=kind genetics as a son of “27C x ”EXT X Manning of Wye.

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Bulls For Sale

Located in North Carolina.

These bulls carry a heavy influence of Wye Angus blood. They are built to produce and thrive in a grass-based and produce progeny that will fatten on grass alone and produce daughters that will function in a low input management system.

Ready to breed and priced to sell with volume discounts on multiple bulls.

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